We were stuck on an idea but too nervous to go for it and needed a second opinion. We didn’t know what options would be available or if interior designers offered a range of packages for such bespoke support so were delighted to see how accommodating you were with reference to the packages you had to offer and prices to match. 

We found the whole process very easy and very much appreciated the introductory call. We never felt rushed and felt the whole service was very professional and excellent value for money. You were very easy to talk to and quickly understood what we were trying to achieve. Since we had to work around the current Covid situation the virtual interaction was easy and I don’t think deflected from the service provided at all. 

We now feel as if we have a lot more options open to us and a clearer idea of how to make the most of the space. We have moved away from our original idea because of the other options you were able to present to us and look forward to getting things organised. Thank you for your time and expertise - it was definitely money well spent, excellent value and a pleasure to talk to you. We would definitely recommend your services.


It takes a lot for someone to come into your own home and start making changes. But with Emma's lovely personality and professionalism, she really managed to get my style instantly. It made the idea of change really plausible and not invasive at all. The space I asked her to design was tricky. It was small, and open. It needed to blend in and be stylish. With my minimal, hygge edge, it was a real challenge. Emma took into consideration my budget and gave me options. She is truly a lovely and talented lady. I can't wait to work with her again.


I have had the recent pleasure of Emma's help, advice and guidance with my living room re-vamp project. Emma has a gentle and encouraging manner, offering suggestions but also intuitively picking up on what her client is thinking. Emma has helped with colour choices, style and furniture plans. I have been introduced to companies that I might otherwise not have come across. Emma is very realistic about budget and offered many useful suggestions on ways to get a new look without spending the earth. I have really enjoyed the experience and look forward to the finished result coming together in the coming weeks. 

Highly recommend.


Emma's creative talent and attention to detail gave us a new perspective on a room we were struggling to make our own. Her pre-design work ensured that our colours, materials and layout were both what we wanted  and functional for our lifestyle. Emma's expertise and patience made this process both easy and enjoyable - and we've now got the room we wanted. Thank you so much!


Emma has been amazing. Her ideas to make the most of our light and space have been creative and beautiful, and she has gone above and beyond to source beautiful wallpaper, window coverings and furniture. I had been dreading decorating and am now looking forward to it. Thanks so much Emma - couldn't rate you more highly! 


I met Emma at a baby show where she had some lovely wallpaper on display that caught my eye for the nursery I was looking to decorate. She then helped me put together the room using that as inspiration. Emma came to the house and we talked through the styles and colours that I liked. The concept boards that she created really helped me to visualise the room. I am so happy with the results. Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration Emma!


have been very impressed with Emma. I have been struggling with my north facing living room located at the back of the house. Emma gave me fantastic advice during our meeting. I have learned about lighting, in particular, the importance of layering. My dark and dingy room is now softer and lighter. I couldn't have achieved it without Emma's help.