Emma Hoyle Design Terms & Conditions of Business

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1.1 Emma Hoyle Design registered offices: 50 Hallcroft Park Ratho EH28 8SF

1.2 As a Client of Emma Hoyle Design you agree to these terms and conditions when you instruct Emma Hoyle Design to complete a project or service.


2.1 A written quotation will be provided before commencing any work, whether this is a single project or task or provision of an on-going service. This will include fees and an estimate of realistic timescale for completion. This must be agreed before any work starts. 2.2 If Emma Hoyle Design is unable to deal with any request, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably practical.

2.3 If a Client's details or requirements change from the time of engagement then these should be put in writing.

2.4 In the event that the Client requires Emma Hoyle Design to carry out or arrange for services to be performed at a particular location the client must give reasonable access to the location for the service concerned to be completed.

2.5 Emma Hoyle Design will make every effort to complete a service or task. However they will not be liable if a service or task cannot be completed for reasons beyond their control (e.g. strike, transport difficulties, act of god, war, riot, malicious damage, accidental breakdown of equipment, flood, fire, storm or other unforeseen circumstance).

2.6 Special Deals and Sales such as Black Friday - Any sale prices or special deals shall refer to the purchase of a one-off specified Emma Hoyle Design package.


3.1 Completion of some services may involve services by a supplier or a third party. Every effort will be made to ensure that suppliers are reputable and trustworthy.

3.2 Suppliers' charges for the relevant services will be payable by the Client directly, unless agreed otherwise.

3.3 Suppliers are responsible for providing the Client with the services or products concerned. Emma Hoyle Design will not be responsible for the actions of suppliers.

3.4 Clients are responsible for agreeing any suppliers' terms and conditions.


4.1 A number of specific issues are referenced below. This is not an exhaustive list, but highlights some important points.

4.2 Provision of information

4.2.1 Having carried out research for the Client, Emma Hoyle Design provides the information in good faith. It is always the Client's decision as to whether to act on this or not. Emma Hoyle Design cannot therefore accept any responsibility for the consequences of such decisions.

4.3 Production of documents

4.3.1 Emma Hoyle Design will always aim to provide a quality service and ensure any document is accurate and error free. Final proof reading is the responsibility of the Client. Anything that requires correction must be notified to Emma Hoyle Design within 5 working days of the Client's receipt of completed work and will be rectified free of charge.

4.4 Handling of possessions

4.4.1 When handling Client's possessions Emma Hoyle Design will always take great care. Nevertheless, accidents may occur. We shall not be liable for losses or damage, however they are caused.

4.5 Removal/ sale of items

4.5.1 Emma Hoyle Design are happy to make suggestions about the disposal of unnecessary or unwanted items and in doing this to sort through items. We can arrange for removal and disposal to potential agents or buyers, but will not be able to guarantee a rate. ! 

4.6 Gift Vouchers

4.6.1 Gift Vouchers may be purchased for a part or full package. The Voucher must be signed and dated by Emma Hoyle Design or is otherwise void.

4.6.2 Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase or if won as a prize, valid from date of prize draw. 

4.6.3 Gift vouchers which are won as part of a raffle or prize draw should be assumed to refer to an ONLINE consultation. Emma Hoyle Design reserves the right to offer an ON-SITE consultation if the property in question is within reasonable travelling distance.  


5.1 Emma Hoyle Design normal business hours are from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday excluding all UK Bank Holidays. Where Emma Hoyle Design is requested to provide services outside these hours and Emma Hoyle Design is able to meet this request, then Emma Hoyle Design will charge for its services. This rate will be agreed in advance with the Client.


6.1 Interior Design Packages are available. See website: www.stellarinteriordesign.co.uk for more information.

6.2 Where the service carried out by Emma Hoyle Design requires more time than allowed for within the Package deal, additional time will be charged by the hour. The minimum period for each instruction is 1 hour. The hourly rate is £40 per hour. This will be agreed with the client before proceeding.

6.3 On-site visits/ meetings, following the initial meeting, and out with the Package Deal but which are requested by the client to complete the service will be billed as meeting time.

6.4 Travel time to or from your premises will be included in the hourly rate. Mileage to your premises is included in the hourly rate within a 5 mile radius of Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. Additional mileage will be charged at a rate of 45p per mile. Emma Hoyle Design reserves the right to charge you for reasonable travel time.

6.5 Reasonable expenses will be added to quotes to cover additional items such as, car parking charges, postage etc as appropriate. Receipts will be provided along with your invoice.

6.6 Emma Hoyle Design reserves the right to charge for any changes made by the client to the scope of the original agreement. This will only be done after consultation with the Client.


7.1 On completion of the service Emma Hoyle Design will provide the Client with an invoice. The invoice will include a list of services with any additional charges incurred.

7.2 Invoices must be paid by the client within 14 working days of the date of issue, unless there is an agreement made prior to the end of the 14 working days.

7.3 In the event of a late payment i.e. payment is not received within 14 working days, a penalty of 5% of the total invoiced will be payable to Emma Hoyle Design 

7.4 After the 5% penalty in the first month of late payment, overdue invoices will be subject to a monthly service charge of 5%.


8.1 Payment may be made by bank transfer or cheque. Cheques will need to be paid to Emma Hoyle

8.2 In the event of any cheque being refused by the bank, the client will be responsible for all bank charges resulting from returned cheque.


9.1 Emma Hoyle Design takes reasonable precautions to ensure that their website, emails and documents are free from viruses, but this cannot be guaranteed.

9.2 Where there are links to third party websites Emma Hoyle Design cannot accept any responsibility for the information contained in these sites. Neither can it guarantee that it is virus free.

9.3 Further information about can be found in our Privacy & Cookies policy.


10.1 Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed at all times.


11.1 Emma Hoyle Design endeavours at all times to provide a high quality service. However, we ask that Clients advise us if they have any concerns and we will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, but within 7 working days of receipt.

11.2 Emma Hoyle Design ask that in the event of the Client making a complaint about the service provided by any third party the Client shall copy the complaint to Emma Hoyle Design, so the performance of the third party and take reasonable steps to ensure the quality of service provided by suppliers.


12.1 We have professional indemnity and public liability.


13.1 Either the Client or Emma Hoyle Design are entitled to terminate a contract on 4 weeks written notice to the other.